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Top 5 Advantages of PTFE Cable You Have to Know
time2021-07-01 Author:webadmin
What is PTFE wire?
PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a polymer insulation material made out of fluorocarbon. The material has the ability to providing a wiring system to exist in even extreme and demanding environments. So, instead of using traditional cables, you can think about using a PTFE cable for your applications and experience the benefits that come along with it. Let's explore more on these wires and see whether you should be purchasing them for your applications or not.

What makes PTFE wire different from other electric wires?
  1. Extremely low dielectric constant
The dielectric constant associated with a PTFE cable is much low when compared to an electric wire. For the same reason, you can receive a higher level of electric permeability. In other words, a PTFE-stranded wire can transfer current more effectively when compared to an ordinary wire.
  1. Excellent dielectric strength
The excellent dielectric strength means that a PTFE cable would offer excellent insulating performance, which can help you get the maximum out of a PTFE cable and continue to transfer current.
  1. High temperatures resistance
You can subject a PTFE insulated cable to high resistance. Therefore, the temperature can create the least impact on the cable.  It will help you to use the PTFE cables for outdoor purposes, where there are high temperatures during the daytime.
  1. High melting point
Along with high-temperature resistance, a PTFE cable would come along with a higher melting point as well. When current is being transferred through the cable, it will heat up. However, the cable needs to have a higher melting point so that it will not be damaged due to the current that it is carrying. If you are using a PTFE cable, you shouldn't worry too much about that.
  1. Thermal Stability
The PTFE cable would not even flow above its melting point, which showcases the PTFE cable's thermal stability. You can call this another great reason to start using PTFE cables instead of ordinary electric cables you can find in the market.
  1. Thermoset feature
The standard wires are made out of thermoplastic materials. However, PTFE is made with thermoset materials. This also contributes a lot towards the excellent dielectric strength of the wires.
What are the advantages of PTFE wire?
  1. It is chemically inert.
A PTFE cable would be chemically inert. As a result, you will be able to line these cables along with pipes that are made out of reactive agents without a challenge.
  1. It is non-flammable.
By using a PTFE cable, you can minimize the risk associated with a fire hazard as well. That’s because PTFE is a non-inflammable material. As a result, you may keep peace in mind while using it.
  1. It is weather-resistant.
Weather resistance you can get along with PTFE is excellent. You can keep this fact in mind and use PTFE cables for outdoor applications. The wire will not be subjected to wear and tear as it is exposed to diverse weather conditions outdoors.
  1. It boasts zero moisture.
Moisture is not good for electric wires at all. However, when you are using a PTFE cable, you can overcome that worry as well. That’s because the PTFE cables are boasting zero moisture at all times.
  1. It has an exceptional mechanical composition.
You will also be impressed with the excellent mechanical composition that a PTFE wire can offer. Due to the perfect mechanical composition, you may use PTFE cables for numerous applications that you have to deal with in day-to-day life.
Now you are aware of all the benefits that PTFE cables can deliver. If you are trying to purchase these cables, you can look at what Taifulong provides. Taifulong manufactures the PTFE cables according to the highest quality standards. For example, Taifulong uses nickel-plated copper conductor in PTFE wire manufacturing. You can keep that in mind and purchase the PTEF wires in the market instead of looking at the other tin-plated copper conductor Teflon wires available for sale.