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UL 1180
UL 1180 UL 1180
Recognized By UL&CUL
Insulation PTFE
Rated Voltage 300V
Rated Temp. 200℃
Flame Rated VW-1&FT1
Layers 1 Layer
Colors Double Colors / Single Color

UL1180 PTFE wire
UL 1180 is a kind of PTFE insulated cable. UL 1180 can withstand a 200-degree temperature and has a wonderful conductivity. As a PTFE insulated cable, UL 1180 is recognized by UL&CUL, which means that UL 1180 has a trusted quality.

As a heat-resistant PTFE wire manufacturer, Taifulong is committed to providing the best PTFE wire such as UL 1180, which meets the strict industry standards. 


Product Advantage:

As a PTFE insulated cable, UL 1180 is an competitive product of Taifulong. UL 1180 has many advantages:

● High dielectric properties

● Low dissipation factor

● Unaffected by lubricants,hydraulic fluids and aircraft fuels

● Non propellant to flame

● Inertness to almost all chemicals


Style Spec.:
线号 AWG 导体规格 Conductor Spec 电线完成外径 Overall Dia. mm 绝缘厚度( mm) Insulation Thickness 包装 Package ft/cil(m/coil) (米/扎)
支数/直径(mm) Cores No./Dia 平均Avg. 最小Min.
32 7/0.08 0.91 ≥0.33 ≥0.30 2000 (610)
30 7/0.10 0.97
28 7/0.12 1.04
26 7/0.16 1.17
24 7/0.20 1.29
22 19/0.15 1.45
20 19/0.19 1.65
19 19/0.21 1.70
18 19/0.235 1.88
17 19/0.26 2.01 1000 ( 305)
16 19/0.30 2.22
15 19/0.32 2.32
14 19/0.375 2.61
13 19/0.41 2.78
12 19/0.48 3.14
11 37/0.375 3.38
10 37/0.43 3.77


Company Advantages:

  Guangzhou Fengtai Meihua Cable Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, development, manufacture, and promotion of special wire and cable such as fluorocarbon resin, like FEP wire, PFA wire, PTFE wire, ETFE wire and so on.

  • 32,000 square meters of area
  • National standard cable laboratory and enterprise technology research and       development center
  • First line and three inspections

        With 30 years of experience in FEP wire, we have a strong ability in high-tech strength and delivery control. We’re excellent for quality control, operation standardization, and high standard process testing for wires so that you can completely rest assured of every part of our wires you receive. Take UL 1180 as an example. UL 1180 is recognized by UL&CUL, which means UL 1180 is of high quality.


     Fengtai professional engineer team researches, designs and manufactures wires, cables and wire harness used in various special environments in:
high temperature resistance / low temperature resistance / high voltage resistance / corrosion resistance / aging resistance / low frequency loss / high transmission rate / super small size.
With these, our products can be used in:


  • Electronic appliances
  • Automobiles
  • Shipbuilding
  • Mining
  • Steel-making
  • Lighting equipment Nuclear power high frequency communication 
  • Microwave communication
  • Aerospace, military equipment
  • Others


    We have IATF 16949, Sony GP, ISO9001, IPMS, and UL/CUL, CSA, CQC, VDE, and other authoritative product quality certifications.


Our Supports:
    We support full customization, batch production, proofing and cutting, peeling, terminal, tin dip, plug assembly, and other services.
Each coil of wire you receive contains:
  • Three spark test
  • Clean package, complete label matching
  • No color difference, no scratch, no particles, clear and complete printing 

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More Information:
   If you need PTFE wire, just send the wire material, model, specification, color and order quantity you need to our mailbox, and our staff will send you the quotation document within 12 hours.

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