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The Simple Guide on Automobile Wire Harness Process
time2021-11-25 Author:webadmin

The Simple Guide on Automobile Wire Harness Process

As the automotive industry moves to a more eco-friendly electrical standard and begins using autonomous solutions, the need for a safe and reliable wire harness process is more critical now than ever. The modern vehicle requires more moving parts, peripherals, and electronic systems that need the correct power and communication durable enough to withstand the average driver across all climates.

This isn't regulated to just the commercial industry. The wire harness process is critical in the military, government, and industrial and automotive sectors. Ensuring your child is safe on the way to Grandma's house is no less safe than a worker trying to deliver parts for a job site or a shipping company protecting their goods.

That is why working with a highly qualified and experienced wire harness process provider will help your project run smoothly from concept to completion. 


What are the Vital Steps in the Automobile Wire Harness Process?

After you have had the opportunity to sit down and consult with a wire harness provider to decide on the design and specifications of your project, the actual process of creating the product begins.

Automobile wire harness assembly process can involve many steps, but in general, will include:

· Cutting - all the wires are cut to the size and length required by the customer. 

· Stripping - each wire has its ends removed to accommodate any housing or terminals needed upon delivery.

· Crimping Terminals - extra care is taken to fit the newly cut wires into the specific terminals using approved and safe crimping methods, so they correctly fit. 

· Tinning - if the customer wishes, ends can be subject to tinning so that no loose ends are delivered to ensure the quality of electrical and communication lines. 

· Dispensing - a quality that includes carefully dispensing fully formed harnesses through the appropriate machinery and hand inspections. 

· Assembling - automotive wire harnesses often involve thinner end-products requiring careful assembly to ensure accuracy and safety.  


How to Improve the Quality of Automobile Wire Harness Manufacturing Process

There are a few options to improve the overall wire harness process to accommodate your particular automotive needs. First, take careful consideration of the wires being used. Can you improve your design or final build with better wire solutions that maintain the correct ampacity, temperature, and voltage rating? 


Next, discuss their wrap design options with your manufacturer to see if higher quality materials can be used to increase the reliability and durability of the electronics and communications being introduced to your automobile. 


Finally, talk about different customized materials along with the entire part structure of your final product. There are many cost-saving and efficiency improvements that can be fluctuated with materials like: 


1. Corrugated tubes to improve impact resistance and durability. Having your kiddos jump in and out of your car is not the most extreme risk to a vehicle's wiring systems. Consider the high impact requirements of a military-grade transport that must still function after a nearby explosion.


2. Plastic tubes to prevent environmental factors like extreme weather and industrial/military use. There is no way to protect a vehicle from every potential weather system, but plenty of ways to ensure all preventative measures are explored with customized plastic tubing. 


3. Gummed tapes that improve the securing and the protection of wiring looms around the automobile build. Advanced technologies like audio players, GPS guidance systems, electric windows/doors/controls, seat warmers, seat controls, and more require specialized tape to function correctly in tight spaces. 



Vehicles from an efficient smart car to those industrial delivery trucks to a military-grade transport all require advanced and customized wire harness processes. Finding a company that can meet the challenges of varying codes and electrical safety checks can be overwhelming. That is why working with a trusted professional in the industry with decades of experience is the perfect place to start.

Taifulong is widely recognized as an industry leader in the wire harness manufacturing process with clients all over the globe across many industries, including Sony, IKEA, Dyson, and more. They have a team of expert technicians, engineers, and designers to meet the needs of your particular business project. Reach out and contact their excellent customer service staff to begin your process today.