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The Ultimate Guide to Special wire and cable
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The Ultimate Guide to Special wire and cable
During the construction or any premises, you may use the regular wire and cable for most applications. However, different domestic and commercial uses/situations may require low-voltage or high-voltage wire. Similarly, cables with the ability to transmit data and voice may be necessary for specific applications. We offer a complete set of special wire and cable (SWC) products to meet these requirements
As such, a special wire and cable (SWC) is tailored to meet specific wire and cable requirements in your premises. Therefore, multiple specialty cable versions continue to emerge in the market based on the customers' changing needs. Here, we will guide you through detail of the special wire and cable (SWC) product, covering its types and applications.

The Different Types of Special Wire and Cable
Currently, many different special wire and cable types are available at Taifulong, catering to different requirements of our customers. Below are some of the most common specialty cable types:
  • Fluorplastic wires and cables: These cables are suited to provide temperature stability and have strong chemical resistance.
  • XLPE/ XLPO Wires: Use these wires in different vehicle-based applications.
  • PVC/ XLPVC Wires: Low-conductor resistance special wire and cable (SWC) product that can be used in areas impervious to water, grease, oil, etc.
  • Silicon Rubber Wire: Extensive thermal performance range specialty cable that can work in extreme weather conditions.
  • Automotive Wire and Cable: Suitable wires for automotive purposes such as boats, bikes, and your RV.
  • Multi-Core Flex Cable: Highly flexible cable with copper conduction suitable for PCV sheathing and insulation.
  • Miniature Micro-Wire: Extreme small-sized wire used inside appliances and other electronic products.
  • Fluorocarbon Resin (FKN Wire): Low conduction specialty cable, reducing chances of heat-based damage to the cable.
  • RF: Coaxial Cable: Excellent transmitter of electronic signals for television and lined phones.
  • Ultra-High Temp Wire: Perfect solution to use in high-temperature environments such as an industrial furnace.
  • MIL-W Military Wire: Specifically manufactured to meet the military-endorsed specifications, it can work in the harshest environments.
  • COC Building Wire: Offers moderate resistance, suiting the requirements of construction uses.
Apart from these common types of special wire and cable (SWC) products, other specialty cables can be designed to meet the customers’ requirements.
The Applications of the Special Wire and Cable
As suggested above, you can use special wire and cable for numerous purposes. Let us consider a few most important applications:
  1. Transport Industry
In both rail and other transportation, transit cables are required to offer optimum performance with high reliability. Using a regular wire in such heavy vehicles may not be beneficial due to the everyday wear and tear and change of the environment. Specialty cables developed for heavy vehicles focus on longevity and durability underuse.
Similarly, small yet durable cables are required for minor automotive uses, such as in your car and motorbikes. These vehicles offer less space for the installation of regular wires, making specialty cables a huge necessity.
  1. High Voltage Appliances
Another important use is in appliances, where tiny yet resistant wires may be required. In certain cases, you may need a high voltage wire in the appliances, such as an iron, where there is limited space to install a thick wire. Using regular wires in these such application may result in frequent breakdowns as the wire is not suited to withstand high resistance.
  1. Military and Industrial Applications
Military applications of special wire and cable (SWC) are vast. Most military uses require specific regulations to be followed in the making of the wire. Otherwise, the wire may fail to perform the required action or wear out too quickly.
Different industrial applications may require specialty cables that can withstand extreme temperatures, such as the inside of an industrial furnace. Using the regular wire in such cases would be useless because the wire would melt down completely. Specialty cables can withstand these temperatures, offering excellent service.
  1. Global Communication
Special wire and cable (SWC) focused on transmitting electronic signals are today’s main medium of global communications. Such wires surround telephone lines, cable television networks, and many internet services.
How Using a Special Wire and Cable is Beneficial
There are numerous benefits of using specialty cables in their specific applications:
  1. Specific Application
The special wire and cable (SWC) products are made keeping a particular application in mind. Thus, they are best suited to complete that job compared to regular wires and cables.
2. Less Breakdowns
With the proper special wire and cable used in the specific application, breakdowns are less frequent, saving valuable time and monetary resources in constant replacements.
  1. Maintenance Costs Are Lower
It can be cheaper to use special wire and cable (SWC) in a suited application than regular counterparts.
  1. Meeting Specific Requirements
Regular wire cannot be used in certain situations, for example, extreme temperature and low-voltage requirements. In these applications, SWC is our only hope.
  1. Reduces Project Costs
Special wire and cable (SWC) products can reduce the overall cost of a project. Their application can remove the need to install additional components such as resistors or insulations if a regular wire is used.
Remember, using the best product for the job ensures that the job can be completed flawlessly. Special wire and cable (SWC) products are the best options to get the job done for numerous purposes. Using the right specialty cable can reduce the overall costs and time requirements of the project. They can also make it easier to maintain the appliance/ premises as breakdown frequency lowers considerably.
Taifulong currently leads the special wire and cable market by offering over 13 different major categories of special wire and cable products. As such, Taifulong will be your stop-shop for all your specialty cable needs. Contact us today and let us know your requirements. Our team will suggest the best cable to use based on your need.