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Reasons Why is Plastic Used to Insulate Electrical Wire
time2021-08-02 Author:webadmin

Why is the plastic used to insulate electrical wires? It is the question that pops up in the mind of people who are searching for the best quality electrical wires. However, top-notch companies use plastic for coating electrical wires. Plastic is among the best materials that people prefer to insulate conductors and wires. But there are many reasons behind this, so let's dig into more details. 

What is electrical wire insulation? An ultimate guide

Cable and wire insulation is a safe measurement, but with time the material and techniques have changed. Wire insulation is the process where we use non-conductive material to protect and surround the wires. However, the main aim of the insulation is to keep the wire protected from environmental threats and electrical leakage. There are different types of wire insulation material that companies are using. But plastic is among the best ones.


Why is the plastic used to insulate electrical wires?

If we look at the history, then in the early 1870s until 1950, people were using rubber for wire insulation. But with time, plastic took place, and now this material is widely used for insulation. We can cover electrical wires with other material, but it is preferred and suggested to insulate it using plastic. The primary reason for using plastic is its flexibility, and it can reach even in the corners. The main reasons for using plastic for insulating electrical wires are given below:

  • It prevents electrical accidents.
  • Plastic is a good material that helps to break the flow of electrons to the body.
  • Moreover, plastic works best when it comes to dispel the heat
  • Plastic is flexible, and it can reach even in the corners
  • Performs best to protect from fire accidents as plastic isn’t flammable.


What are different types of plastic wire insulation material?           

We already discussed that plastic acts like a jacket for the electrical wires. However, many plastics are used as insulation material, e.g., thermoplastic, PVC, polypropylene. The chart given below shows the different types of plastic wire insulation material and their features:


Highlighted qualities


Flexible, heat resistant, and can be re-shape easily


Flexible, easy to bend and process, resist bad weather, oil, and grease


Lightweight, heat, moisture, and chemical resistant, best for high-frequency cables


Moisture, heat, and chemical resistance, suitable for high-frequency cables


1.     Thermoplastic

It is the most commonly used plastic material type that companies use for insulation. Above all, the flexibility of thermoplastic is remarkable. It gets back to shape if it melts with the heat. On the other hand, it remains in good condition even at a lower temperature. It can perform well if the temperature is up to 14F.


2.      PVC

It is a mixed plastic and the most commonly used type of plastic wire insulation material. The PVC is a combination of fillers, resin, and pigments lubricants. However, there are the following qualities in the PVC plastic wire insulation:

  • PVC is flexible due to which we can quickly process and bend the material
  • It has flame resistant properties that make it free from the fire accidents
  • The PVC is perfect for electrical wire insulation and can easily stand environmental conditions, oil, grease, etc.


Amorphous particles and semi-crystalline PVC are the two most common types used to insulate electrical wires. Moreover, the density range of the PVC is between 1.32-1.42/cm.


3.      Polyethylene

It is another good quality plastic material that we can even use generally. It provides good resistance against chemicals and harsh weather conditions. According to the facts, it is one of the most common types frequently used on high-frequency cables.



Why is the plastic used to insulate electrical wires? Now we have found the answer to this central question. But don't forget that every plastic isn't suitable, and not every company offers high-quality products. So, by using low-quality insulated wire, you can get into an accident.


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